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                     your life !!.


Dear Future, Im Ready written on running track
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                                                             You are only stuck where you are if you decide to be

                                                                                                        Wayne Dyer.


                              If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotton. 

                                                                                                     Tony Robbins.



                                              You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. ...

                                                                                                      Louise Hay



                                                it doesn't matter where you are, you are now compared to where you can go.


                                        A Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore


                           “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from,

                                           you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”– Madonna





                                                                                               Know thy self

                                                                                                Go Hard or Go Home !!


                                                                                      In memory of Mark Hucklebridge .

                                                                                 (International Motor Cross Champion)


                                                                        Be inspired towards a journey of self discovery                                                                                                                                         

                                                             Break free of limiting beliefs and empower your life.


                                               We offer the most upto date methods in therapy and coaching

                               That will  put you on course heading towards the life you desire and deserve.

                                                      We are based in the beautiful Town of Moraira Spain

                                            but where ever you are in the world we can work with one to one

                                                                                                      either online

                                                                         or at our studio if you are here in Spain 



                     Life  Coaching


            Find Your True Purpose in Life.

           Get Crystal Clear on What You Want in                      Life. ...

            Build Your Confidence. ...

            Get Motivated. ...

            Get the Tools You Need to Reach Your                        Goals. ...

            Grow Spiritually. ...

            Live the Life You've Always Wanted for                    Yourself. ...

           Get the Guidance and Support You Need.


     Outcome oriented psychotherapies recognise            that clients seek therapy in order to gain                                          beneficial change. ... 

              Hypno-Psychotherapy is a form of

                    (usually outcome-oriented

       psychotherapy that uses naturally occurring                altered states of awareness and relaxation                                         using hypnosis

            as part of the psychotherapeutic work.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

is all about bringing about changes in perception, responsible communication and developing choices of responses or communication in a given situation. ... NLP works on the principle that everyone has all the resources they need to make positive changes in their own life.

WHO are we ?

Inspiration World . Well Positive created by Andy Milton

whose vision is to assist people in finding Inspiration .happiness and success in there lives.


Andy a professionally qualified as a Gold Standard Therapist (Essex Institute )

DHP, Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy  , Master  Practitioner NLP, Level1 BWRT Practioner and EFT. Along with being a  Life & Performance Coach. NLP Trainer to new therapists.

Personal interest  Mystiscal literature, philosphy ,ancient traditions and scriptures ,

A love for chinese martial arts and a  Black sash in chinese Kung fu and a active fitness

and exercise enthusiast.

With over 20 years Experience having worked in

Therapy, Coaching , Performance & business coaching .

Experience work with traumas and mental health 

Alcoholics ,drug addicts In Rehab.

Stop Smoking
Remove Fears & Phobias
Improve sleeping patterns
Build more Confidence
Create Better relationships
Break Anxiety &Depression
Eliminate Stress

Greiving .

PTSD .Post Traumatic stress disorder

Compulsive disorders , OCD. 

On the  performance business coaching

 Inspiration World has been involved with top Olympic world class athletes ,gold medalists and world champions .Helping them achieve there goals .

Along with team performance coach to British Motor Cross team at Uni of Bath.

 and managed  a muti million pound business ,

Having worked with members of parliment , Billionaire business people .

Also with ex offenders ,homeless and people from many other walks of life . 


Well Positive Just recently we have  launched  retreats and activety breaks

These retreats and breaks allow our clients to break away from day to day life 

and spend quality time staying with us ,Giving them quality time for Relaxing reflecting and rejuvinating .Whilst on these retreats and breaks you can expect to find high standard accomoadation and full board menu a full day of activities ,These include one on one therapy ,workshops medititation ,life coaching ,daily exercise along with health and fitness accessment ,information on living a healthly life style , Contact us for more information !!




We aim to help all our clients in all areas in there life where they maybe finding difficulty  possibly from  past circumstance trauma or current situations that maybe causing them stress ,burnout, anxiety or maybe just need help with motivation and some inspiration to pass exams .

Our therapies and coaching will help you break free of previous blocks and problems that may be stopping you moving on in life in the direction you would so wish.

We work with and can help the following symptoms

Phobias ,Fears. Anxiety disorder , Depression ,Stress ,Burnout 

Grieving ,Loss ,Relationship difficulties,break free of limiting beliefs,

Addiction ,Drugs and Alcohol problems , stop smoking ,travel sickness,

Post Traumatic stress disorder .Eating disorders,weight reduction plans ,

Behavioural and habitual difficulties nervous habits, performance anxiety

Emotional difficulties bereavement, depression, grief, lack of confidence, relationship difficulties

Psychosomatic disorders ,Asthma, eczema, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome

We coach  more motivation and self confidence ,help in achieveing Goals.

Achieve success build a brightful future, Build self esteem, personal development .



We Guarantee

Half price Initial consultation


A holistic professional approach .carrying out a full asscessment to work towards your needs .

A completely open minded and non judgemental approach in confidence to your problems .

you may find yourself managing challenges and situations you may of thought would not be possible previously.

Your visits and programme will be kept confidentual at all times 

We go beyond the normal call with therapy and coaching session to meet our client needs .

We will do everything to give you the best advice on therapy and coaching

with regards to your condition , If we are unable to assist we may recommend alternative opportunities avalible to you .

Example if you have serious problem with addiction you may wish to look at recovery.

where we have recommended contacts who are qualified ,professional ,

licencsed and give you the best chance of recovery. 

We can also offer week away therapy/ coaching breaks.

well positive breaks offer individual  taylor made therapy breaks to suit your individual needs and budget requirments .Along with group breaks .

We arrange accommadation up to 5 star standard dependent on budget requirements.

All inclusive if required and we can also organise flights and transfers on request.

This is where you can have the relaxation of being in a wonderful location here in Moraira Spain

good accommadation and break away from all the day to day life and work

The programme over 5/6 days with two hour sessions each day .

This can also include Treks ,walks, gym exercise ,personal training,

relaxation .meditation chinese martial arts ,Personal development ,  

Pricing for this is on request and your requirements .




Reviews from Happy clients 

In the midst of a mid-50 something crisis and returning from working overseas , I thought my management days were over and I was destined to the minimum wage stacking shelves at B&Q or Tesco. That was until I found the power of positive belief through NLP. Andy Milton took me through the amazing time - line therapy on the 11th May 2007, which helped dispel my limiting beliefs and focus on building my future. The plans I made that day have been put into reality and I now own my own successful training company providing process improvement, teambuilding and project management skills to several major clients. I am booked solid for the next 3 months. Most importantly, I am at the most creative point in my life, generating highly interactive training courses which always score 10/10 in interest and relevance from my candidates. Facilitating that change on the 11th May has given me a new direction and purpose.  Brilliant.     


Andy is an extremely enthusiastic and energetic speaker and really knows his stuff.
The whole day was very informative but also great fun. The students were still
talking about it the following day. We will certainly be asking Andy to come back
again next year!     


DAVID SMITH 6th Dan Kung Fu, Black Belt Karate.  Technical advisor to the A.M.A and member of the EHGA (European Hung Ga Assoc).
The Dictionary definition of Motivation is "To give incentive to" and I know of no other person who embodies this definition so thoroughly and wholly.  Andy Milton is somebody that I believe, embodies this definition so succinctly, that whoever he comes in contact with, can`t help but feel empowered and energized to seek out the best for oneself.  I have known Andy for over 20 years and he has never ceased to amaze me with the amount of studies he has undertaken in order to achieve and steer his life toward the path that he is walking today.  It has been a pleasure to walk this path with him and continue along the path of continued success into the future and beyond.  I am therefore very proud to name Andy and to thank him for his help and guidance that he has so selflessly offered.

Mark Hucklebridge RIP 

Andy and his Team at Inspiration World provided The British Motor Cross Team at Bath University with training which covered many aspects of performance, motivation, strategies and enhancing self confidence.  The training was carried out over a number of sessions and was made inspirational, motivational, fun, interactive and informative.  All the team felt that they really benefited from the activities and training carried out by Inspiration World.

On a personal note I have also received excellent one on one personal and business coaching from Andy which has helped me in both my personal and business life.  I would like to thank Andy for his help and would recommend Inspiration World's services to anyone seeking to change their life, increase their performance and get motivated. 


Book Now 

The First consultaion half price 

initial Consultation

A new Start to a better future.



Block of six 1 1/2 hour sessions

                                               400 EUROS

  • Six one  and half hour session 
  • Due to  payment in advance you get one session free by saving 75 Euros on six normal sessions .
  • Sessions include
  • counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherpy
  • Nlp
  • Bwrt
  • Eft




             1 1/2 hour session         

          80 Euros

    •  one  and half hour session 
    • sessions include
    • counselling
    •  Psychotherapy
    • Hypnotherpy
    • Nlp 
    • Bwrt
    • Eft





      2 hour session


       100 EUROS

      •  Two hour session are longer
      •   to reduce cost 
      • Sessions  include
      •  counselling
      •  Psychotherapy
      • Hypnotherpy
      • Nlp
      • Bwrt
      • Eft




        All Therapy and coaching fees for one on one meetings

        payment is required on the day.


        online sessions need to be paid in advance of the session

         unless other wise agreed.